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17:54 | June 22, 2015

Smile and be happy



Me & Filippa at Midsummer / My dress is from , HERE


Tre bilder på mig och Flippen! Så glad att jag träffat denna tösa och kommit henne närmre :) 10 poäng!
Jag har ju en hel del bilder från midsommar som ni ska få :) måste bara gå igenom alla 1000 bilder..haha.

/ Three pictures of me and Flippen! I’m so happy that I met this girl and that she became one of my close friends :) 10 points!
I have so much photos to show you from Midsummer but I have to go trough them 1000 of pictures first.. haha.

9 Responses to “Smile and be happy”

  1. Simone Ulrich-Larsen on

    Hello :)

    First i wanna say, I LOVE your blog. So inspirational :)
    I have something I really need to ask you. I’m going to Asia in a month and the long Lindex kimono would be PERFECT for that trip. Would you be interested in selling it? I will pay a very good price and shipping of course :) We don’t have any Lindex shops in Denmark – such a shame.

    Have a good day!



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