Angelica Blick

11:28 | November 14, 2015






Woke up to this horrific news. What is happening with the world?
I can’t describe how awful this is. I’m scared.. I’m scared of the world.
My condolence to everyone in Paris, and to the victims and their family ♥


Vaknade upp till denna hemska nyhet. Vad händer med världen?
Jag kan inte beskriva sorgen och hur hemskt detta är. Jag är rädd..
Rädd för världen. Mina tankar går ut till Paris, till offren och deras familjer ♥

16 Responses to “#prayforparis”

  1. Diana on

    Pray for our world
    One day before the attack in Paris there was the same terror attack in Lebanon. And not to forget Syria, Palestine and Irak where those terror attacks happen every single day

    • Sara on

      And for Kongo, where women are raped and murdered daily and have been for years… Terror and hate is everywhere, but it’s harder to accept when it’s close, that’s just how we work. We’ve walked those streets, we know these people, we have friends there. We know what happens in other places and it’s hard to understand, but when it’s your own backyard you have no choice.

  2. Ada Borga on

    so so so sad!
    i just dont understand that the hell is happening, how the hell can somebody be so mean!
    im from Portugal and we already lost people there and other 2 are lost, nobody know where they are..
    my thoughts are for Paris :(


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