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19:36 | May 15, 2017






I’ve had a blast today with the Dior team and the influencers – such a great bunch of people! André and I are hanging out at Emil’s place atm with Michaela, Felix and Emil. I’m super exhausted so I’m just chilling on the sofa. What have you been up to today?
I’m just going to chill here for a couple of hours and then I’m going to crash into bed pretty early. I need to pack tomorrow for my trip and do some errands before we are off on wednesday :) Talk to you soon!


Jag har haft det fett kul med Dior teamet och influencerna idag – ett bra gäng med folk! André och jag hänger just nu hemma hos Emil med han, Michaela och Felix.  Jag är helt slut nu så jag ligger bara på soffan där.  Vad har ni gjort idag?
Vi ska nog bara softa här ikväll i några timmar innan jag ska krasha hemma i sängen och sova ganska tidigt. Jag behöver packa imorgon och fixa lite ärenden eftersom vi åker på onsdag :) hörs om en stund!

14 Responses to “BLOODY RED”

  1. Me on

    oh myy, selfie game on point! You really suit red lipstick.

    Okay so now for a “annoying” question, is this skin makeup the same from the youtube base video? Or what foundation do you use here? (and what colour do you have it in?), Also how do you prep your skin before foundation, any primer or what? concealer and what colour? Bronzer/powder? mascara? And last one, what do you use on your brows and in what colour?

    haha, sorry for asking so many questions, it’s just that I love your makeup and your selfie posts! xx

  2. Ruby on

    I love it !! you always looks good!
    You said before your gonna change your hair color, are you gonna change it? and which color you will dye your hair.. any idea cuz I wanna change my hair color and I’m so confused! what to do!!! any help!

    • angelicablick on

      It’s my natural size even tho I have lipstick on :) The red just makes them “pop” more and seem bigger! xx

      • ule on

        I know :) I still think your unlined lips look better, they’re full and pretty. But I know it’s fun to do make-up and you really did it well!


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