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Photos by Linn Hansson / Edit by me
/Crop top from Zara/Bag from Angelica Blick for BikBok/Trenchcoat from BikBok/Shoes from Jennie-Ellen/Rings from Angelica Blick for BikBok & Nelly, HERE/Skirt from Angelica Blick for BikBok/

Nu bär det av till Ibiza! AAARRIIBBAAA! Vet ni hur mycket jag längtat efter detta? Så himla roligt att River Island ville ta med mig på detta :) stort tack! Vi kommer vara där mellan den 11-16:e . Har jag några läsare som bor på Ibiza möjligtvis? Vore ju skoj!
Ska se till att ta massor utav bilder!

Now it’s off to Ibiza! AAARRIIBBAAA! Do you know how much I’ve longed for this? So much fun that River Island wanted to take me with them on this trip :) thanks! We will be there between the 11-16 th. Do I have any readers who live in Ibiza possibly? Would be fun!
I will be sure to take a lot out of pictures for you!

43 thoughts on “ETERNAL SUNSHINE

  1. Hi, just wondering how you keep your legs so tanned? Do you use any self-tanning? Loove your photos by the way!


  2. Jag hittar inte jackan på bikboks hemsida! Är den från en gammal kollektion eller en kommande ?
    PS. Smashing as always

  3. I’ve been following you for AAAges, and this is, for me, by far one of your most spectular outfit/creation ever. So luminous and so equilibrate. You look like Marylin Monroe in these pictures in a way.
    You are talented, and it’s a pleasure to follow your journey. Bye sunshine! -MARION-

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