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  • 15:08 | May 13, 2020

    Tomato Gnocchi


    I’ve posted some recipes on my stories lately and I’ve gotten so much questions about them so just wanted to share some here too, if you want?
    So starting with my AH-MAZING and sooooo simple tomato/basil Gnocchi. IT’S JUST WOW! I’ve seriously eaten it almost everyday the past week haha.


    400-500 grams plum tomatoes
    500 grams of gnocchi 
    50 grams of mozzarella or parmesan
    2 wedges or garlic
    1 tablespoon balsamico 
    A hand of fresh basil ( about 20-30 grams)
    Salt & Pepper
    Some fresh chili
    Olive oil


    Chop the tomatoes into smaller pieces and then fry them in a pan with olive oil on medium heat and then crush the garlic into the pan. When the tomatoes gone a bit soft, add the tablespoon of balsamico, the basil, chili and salt & pepper. Let it simmer for some time to let all the flavors get together nicely and until the tomatoes are like a sauce in the texture.

    At the same time: Put butter in another pan and fry the gnocchi on medium heat so they get a nice golden touch. They should be pretty soft on the inside and a bit “crisp” on the outside but not too much. Add salt.

    When the sauce is ready and the gnocchi look golden, pour the gnocchi over to the pan with the tomato sauce. Blend it well so the gnocchi is covered in sauce!
    Finish it off with adding some mozzarella into the pan or if you prefer: top it off with some parmesan when plating the gnocchi. OR WHY NOT BOTH? RIGHT?



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