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  • 17:15 | September 11, 2018

    Nikki Beach

    On one of the days in Greece we went to Nikki Beach and a had a huge day party!
    We got our own sunbeds, table and loads of food and drinks.

    Like I said – FOOD! I’m addicted to sushi! If I would have to choose 1 thing to eat the rest of my life
    it would seriosult be sushi/sashimi..

    Me and my babe chillin’ in the pool! Picture by Oscar Minyo :) So much fun to see him again!
    Has to be a year since. And second photo is a virgin ( no alcohol ) Mojito! Soo delicious!!


    We stayed at Nikki beach the entire day and also watched the sun go down.
    Magical sunset I have to say!

    Dancing the night away! As soon as the night fell we took the small boat taxi back to the boats that you can see
    in the background! Xx


    So this was one of the days/nights in Greece that we had at Yacht week :) We had a lot of fun! BUT! One more thing that is even MORE FUN IS: I PASSED MY MOTORCYCLE TEST TODAY!!! THE TEORETICAL ONE!! I still have to drive and do that test  too so I’m not fully done yet but very close! GAH! I can’t describe my happiness right now! I’ve put so much effort into this and now I’m finally soon there. GAH! Going to dinner with my friends tonight to celebrate a bit :) YEY! xx


    Så det här var från en utav dagarna/kvällarna på Yacht week :) Vi hade så kul! MEN! En ännu roligare sak är: JAG KLARADE TEORIPROVET FÖR MC IDAG!!! ÄNTLIGEN!!! Jag måste ju fortfarande köra upp men det känns så skönt att ha detta moment avklarat nu! Jag är så sjukt jäkla glad så ni fattar nog inte! Jag har lagt ner så mycket tid på detta så de känns så skönt att det äntligen börjar komma till sitt slut nu. GAH! Jag ska ut och äta med några vänner ikväll för att fira :) YEY! xx

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