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17:31 | February 27, 2014



/Bag from Asos, HERE/Shoes from Asos ( sold out)/

At the YOU saloon

Idag kikade jag förbi härliga Steve Terry på salongen YOU :) Tanken var att vi skulle styla de men det blev att tona min utväxt också! Kul! Så nu är man fin igen!
Brukar alltid gå till Michael&frisörerna på söder ( som jag älskar! ) och så även till Steve på YOU som jag också älskar :)

Today I went bu wonderful Steve Terry at the saloon YOU :) The idea was just to get my hair styled but we ended up getting my roots done too! Great! So now I look good again!
I usually go to Michael&frisörerna on söder ( that I love!) but also to Steve at YOU that I also love :)

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  1. Gianna on

    Angelica my love have you seen the blog post from fanny?! well probably not haha…she just made a blog post and tagged a kimono. when i saw that kimono i was immediately like: OMG angelica would loooove that i have to show her. I was thinking of your summer pics and how you love to turn your style to a kinda hippi/indiana style as soon as the sun is out…i was thinking of that photo and that

    so what do you think of that kimono ???
    hope you like it :)))

    • angelicablick on

      oh no sweetie! I just didn’t had time to answer it right away! But now :)
      No I haven’t seen it! Bu thanks for linking it :) it looks cool! lots of love to you babe!! xx <3

  2. Julia on

    I don’t know why but the pictures in the last two posts did not show up, but finally … I’ve seen them! and the collection is amazing … I’ve fallen in love with the blue/white blazer and shorts, but unfortunately I live in Austria, so I can’t buy it :-(


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