Angelica Blick

21:03 | May 30, 2014


Photos by Linus Eliasson
/Top from Zara/Hat from Lindex/Necklace from Beckdesign/Shoes from River Island, look a like HERE/Shorts from Levis/

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    • angelicablick on

      Haha, I eat just as much as I always have – the only thing is that I work out a lot more now then I used to do! Xx

      • Lina on

        ok, but sad to see actually. because i once started following you not only because you have a lovely style and seem to be a really cute person but also you were not another xxxs modeblogger…it was inspiring to see a girl with a healthy and slim but also strong looking body..and now you are so slim as just all the others…you may work out more not and be stronger than you was..but you look weaker because you turned soo slim. there were absolutly NO need for getting skinnier.

  1. rikke on

    så fina bilder! och så har du får hänga med finaste linus. har älskat varenda film sodalime gjort med dig i usa :)


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