Angelica Blick

20:34 | August 11, 2015


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Some inspiration.  I just ordered a molding kit from Fangophilia so I can make my own grillz! How cool? I’m gonna make a gold one in my lower jaw and It’s gonna be so cool! they’ll match my teeth identically :)


Lite inspo. Jag beställde nyss ett molding kit från Fangophilia, så ska jag fixa mina egna grillz! Hur coolt?
Jag ska göra en i guld för underkäken och de kommer bli så coolt! den kommer bli identisk med mina egna tänder :)

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  1. Stasja on

    Love the collage and can’t wait to see it on you! Could you maybe do a post about how to get the shade of grey you had, or ask you hairdresser? It looked stunning and I really want to get the exact same shade. :)


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