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  • 09:44 | March 21, 2012

    Trucker cap/Jeans

    Todays/Jeansjacket Levis/Jeans H&M/Shoes old/Cap Miami/

    Drar in till stan för ett möte och sen lite häng i solen :) hörs sen!

    I’m having a meeting  down town soon and then maybe spend some time in the sun :) talk to you later!

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    19:26 | March 20, 2012

    warm fuzzy feelings

    Summer 2011

    Har legat nerbäddad mest hela dagen så därför har bloggningen sugigt idag. Jag ska kurera mig, fira lite och sen sova.
    Imorgon blir en bättre dag med bra inlägg/bloggning♥

    I’ve been feeling sick all day and that’s why the blogging part hasn’t been good today. I need to stay in bed, celebrate a bit and then go to sleep.
    I promise you better blogging tomorrow with great posts♥

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    15:03 | March 20, 2012

    10 things


    10 ‘unimportant’ things you (may) not know about me

    – I saw Michael Jackson live at Ullevi -97 and I’m very, very proud of that.
    – I have extreme foot phobia! I can’t even touch any other’s feet..It’s impossible!
    – I’m actually a really good dancer and I started dancing HipHop and Streetdance at the age of 6.
    I ended up dancing for about 2 years ago, due to lack of time.
    – I have a really wide accent ( Östgötska) and alot of people are shocked that I don’t speak differently.
    – I have five tattos
    – I easily become restless and I need to have alot of things to do at the same time.
    –  My feelings for clothes and fashion started when I was little. I cut things apart, sewed on garments and always came to school in wierd things.
    – When I was about 13 year old I cut my long blonde hair off and dyed it black. I remember that I wanted to look like the girl in the band t.A.T.u ..haha.
    – I love sushi and If I had to choose ONE thing to eat for the rest of my life, It would be sushi.
    – I have a brother and a sister.

    Kan inte ni berätta en eller två konstiga/roligar/annorlunda/obetydliga saker om er ? :) Vore kul att läsa om!
    /Can’t you tell me something wierd/strange/funny/different thing about yourself? :) I woulde love to read it!

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    11:28 | March 20, 2012

    Här finns så mycket vackert som jag inte kan se, jag drar mig sakta undan och solen följer med.

    /Tshirt H&M man/Pants H&M/

    Är helt död idag.Kroppen värker, frossa och allmänt hängig.

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    22:54 | March 19, 2012


    Details from diffrent months. It’s in the details- right?

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