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  • 20:26 | April 6, 2013

    How to : Smokey Eyes

    This is what I use for the Smokey eyes look.

    Step 1: Start by using a light gold eyeshadow and apply it over the eyelid.
    Step 2 :
    Use a darkbrown shadow and apply it like in the picture, only on the sides od the eye

    Step 3: After that you use a big brush to erease all the shapr edges to make the shadow look more soft.
    Step 4: Apply the dark shadow under the eye aswell, but not all the way in.

    Step 5: Now you have to apply some eyepencil inside of the eye ( both up and down) and also  under the eyelashes.
    Step 6: Now it’s time for some mascara! You can also curl your lashes before you start to make them more curly.

    Now it’s DONE!

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    26 kommentarer om “How to : Smokey Eyes”

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