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  • 10:24 | January 14, 2014

    roadtrip1roadtripOn the road to Nine Mile and Ochios Rios.

    Igar tog vi en riktig roadtripp till Ochios Rios och Nine Miles och korde aven uppe i bergen! SA haftigt att se! Vi klattrade i vattenfall och hangde lite i Bob Marleys sovrum.
    Yesterday we took a roadtrip to Ochios Rios and Nine Miles, we also drove in the mountains! SO cool! We climbed in the waterfall and hang out in Bob Marleys bedroom.

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    18:49 | January 13, 2014


    /Shorts from Levis/Top from Topshop/Shoes from Zara/Watch from from Marc By Marc Jacobs/Shades from Ray Ban/Rings from Nelly, HERE and HERE/

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    15:22 | January 13, 2014


    Welcome to Negril!

    Marcus taking a picture of the sunset

    Beatiful sunsets here..

    Me wearing my new bikini – that I LOVE! And Marcus jumping off the cliff at Rick’s

    Roadtrippin through Jamaica

    This amazing man played the guitarr for us! So talented. I asked him for a picture and he really liked the result. I bought his CD alos to listen to at home :)

    We gave the dogs pure water to drink.

    Me at the beach

    A man showed us some tricks too! And Marcus liked my coconutwater.

    This nice lady sold alot of tasty fruits at the beach!

    On our way to Negril with our new swedish friends Tess and David.

    Marcus relaxing at the beach while the sun went down.

    Coconut sorbe ice cream! so amazing!

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    10:29 | January 13, 2014


    Idag bar det av till Duns River fall och Nine Mile for att se Bob Marleys grav och hem! Ska bli valdigt haftigt att se!

    Pa tal om annat: Idag ar det dags for STYLIGHT Blog Awards i Berlin och jag ar faktist lite ledsen for att det krockade med denna resa, vilket gor att jag inte kommer kunna vara narvarande dar ikvall och under modeveckan! Dock vill jag forst och framst saga att jag ar sa hedrad over att ha blivit nominerad och sen aven finalist! Kanns so otroligt kul! Jag hallar alla tummar och tar att jag vinner idag, men de har jag ytterst svart att tro att jag gor. Men fyfan vad tacksam och glad jag ar! Om jag inte vinner sa haller jag tummarna for min bona Kenza :)

    och for de andra: TACK! Underbara, underbara NI. Inte bara for att ni klickar er in har varje dag och ar sa himla fina mot mig – utan ni gar dessutom in och rostar pa mig! Jag ar SA tacksam! Varenda liten rost ni lagt pa mig betyder sa jakla mycket. Jag har verkligen varldens basta lasare! Karlek till er.

    Today it’s off to Duns River fall and Nine Mile to visit Bob Marleys grave and home! It’s gonna be so cool to see!

    speaking of other things: Today it’s time for STYLIGHT log Awards in Berlin and Im actually sad that I won’t be abloe to go. But at first I just want to say that Im so honored to be nominated and also a finalist! It feels so amazing!Im keeping my fingers crossed that I will win my category, but I don’t think I will. But damn, Im just so happy to even be nominated! If I don’t win I hope it will be my sweetheart Kenza :)

    and on more thing: THANK YOU! Sweet, wonderful YOU guys! Not only do you click into my blog everyday and comment so nice things to me – you also vote for me when Im nominated for stuff and that makes me so THANKFUL! Every vote means so much. I sure have the best readers in the world! So much love to you.

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    17:40 | January 12, 2014


    /Bra from COS/Shirt from Gina Tricot/

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