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  • 15:45 | May 31, 2014


    Photos from the covershoot with ShapeUp

    Har massa bilder  kvar från denna plåtning :) Så slänger upp tre från när dessa damer smörjde in mig med bodylotion haha!
    Vill bara önska er alla en härlig lördag!

    I still have a lot of pictures from this photoshoot :) so here are three from when these ladies put bodylotion on me haha!
    I just want to wish you all a nice Saturday!

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    23 kommentarer om “ShapeUp”

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    • Förstår att du är upptagen men skulle verkligen uppskatta om du ville svara på min fråga i inlägget Live Life, kramisar

    • super duper HOT!!

      love from BARCELONA

    • You have a great body…jealous!

    • Gorgeous girl!

    • Angelica, du är så grymt vacker och din kropp är verkligen en hälsosam förebild. Kan du inte nån gång göra ett inlägg om din träning och livsstil?

      Ha det bäst!

    • I like the fact that you are very sporty but please, don’t overdo it. xx

    • In love with your hair


    • I just wonder what happened to the angelica i onced liked soo soo much. you was so joyful and happy and thankful and a super chill/relaxed person…and now you are so determinded and sometimes even bitchy…you lost a lot weight, and not only your outside changed it feels like you also made changes in your inside…you dont hang out with maja…there is no marcus in your life anymore…i think you lost your place and thats why you keep on traveling…you lost yourself with losing important people…so you change yourself by losing weight, going in the gym instead enyojing life outside with a glas of wine, and you are not at one with yourself anymore and therefore you are bitchy sometimes…you keep on traveling because you feel lost….i want my old angelica back..

    • Sorry, but reading your comment makes me feel a little bit irritated. What do you mean with “I want MY old Angelica back…”?? Just, what? Your Angelica? Doesn’t she get to choose for herself how she is gonna be and that things she wanna do? Isn’t that her own choice? Right, maybe you have followed her a long time and feels like she have changed and all, but all people Change all the time as long as they live. Don’t forget that. I can bet on that you yourself have changed a lot through the years.
      I think Angelica is a wonderful person who live her life as it would be the last day every single day :) and if you think she doesn’t care about chilling out and relaxing any more, maybe that is because a lot is happening in her life right now? :)
      Well, enough said from me.
      Love, Sabina

    • So much love to you <3 I think exactly as you! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    • ” Going to the gym instead of enjoying life outside with a glas of wine ” .. say what? Since WHEN did alcohol become more important than to take care of your body? wow.
      You don’t know me. So please, don’t tell me who I am and how I are. And it’s weird how wrong people can have! I have never in my life felt so good about myself, my body and mind. Never had so much fun as I have now with my friends ( Maja, she is still my very best friend and I hang out with her every week ). The only thing I can smell here is jealousy – and call me bitchy if you want for saying that. Cause that comment says more about you than me. Have I ever said something mean to somebody – as mean as this comment from you are, to me? No. I don’t think you have followed me for a long time, cause then you would NEVER EVER had said this to me. My amazing readers ( who I love and keep close to my heart ) know WHO I am and what kind of person I am.
      Im thankful, grateful and happy for everything in my life and especially my readers. So stop commenting untrue stuff like this here on my blog. it’s better if you stop reading it instead if you think that Im such a bad, skinny, bitchy person. thank you! Hugs xx

      And hey Jassy/ Lina / Linda – stop using different names, commenting mean stuff every day on my blog – I have your IP number so I can see who you are. Next time Im in Frankfurt, I’ll let you know :)

    • What an amazing body! :)

      xx Su

    • You look simply gorgeous, Angelica! I think I’ll be needing that Adidas top in my closet. It’s so cool! xx

      I’m a doctor by day and a fashion blogger by night.

      New post up on my blog!

    • Duuuuu är fantastik! Du är en sådan stor inspiration i mitt liv. Fortsätt vara den fantastiska kvinna som du är. Låt aldrig någon trycka ner dig och umgås med människor som älskar dig för den du är. Du förtjänar all framgång du får!! <3

    • Fina, underbara du <3 stort tack för dina ord! MASSA KÄRLEK

    • beautiful!

    • And that Adidas outfit is just perfect. I am waiting for more pics. Have a nice day.

    • Hej snygging :) du har väl inte lagt ut några bilder från ditt bikbok event i Linköping? Väntar ivrigt :) puss!

    • så galet jävla snygg kvinna!

    • You look amazing!! Can’t you write a bit about your workouts? :)

    • Snygg du är Angelica!

    • Hej – supersnygg look! Det syns att du är vältränad och du bär upp alla kläder o outfits så bra!! What a perfect look. den snyggaste av alla! Du är definitivt en pärla som måste vara alla märkes dröm att just du bär deras kläder…du gör så vi andra också vill ha :-) Jag måste säga att jag är väldigt förtjust i Adidas Brazil Farm kollektion !! Hoppas få se fler bilder, precis som någon annan nämner här bland kommentarerna…!

      Kram till dig o alla dina fans, från Angelica (samma namn he he)

    • Hei vakre Angelica!

      Hvor er bikinien fra? Du ser fantastisk ut!

      Klem fra Norge