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  • 14:31 | March 10, 2015


    day2day3day6day7 day10 day12 day66 YESTERDAY’S BRUNCH WITH MA GURL

    Heeej! Ännu en dag med vårsol :) nu har jag precis varit på yttligare en brunch samt fotat med Fang. Nu väntar en intervju innan thaiboxning ikväll!

    / Hiiii! another beautiful and snny day :) I just had brunch also took some photos of todays look with Fang. now Im going to answer questions for an interview before Im off to thaiboxing tonight!

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    12 kommentarer om “Brunchin’”

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    Jag accepterar villkoren som finns här

    • Please tell me which size you have in the jacket :)

    • vilka underbara bilder :D!! älskar tulpan!! :D

    • I love your make up!

    • It looks so cozy, love the pictures from your personal life!

    • So lovely.

      xx Cheyenne

    • THUUUUMBS UP for more personal pictures, yaaay i have missed them soo much, since you have traveled so much in the past we saw beautiful pictures but i really couldnt stand seeing more palms, sea, bikini and sunset pics hahaha i mean they all were beautiful but i kinda missed seeing simple days of your life with your friends and seeing stockholm and yeah just hearing about stuff you doing on your everyday life. :) that sounds now really negative but isnt at all. i am just happy you are at home for a while now and take us with you on your days :) <3
      what kind of movie did you watch yesterday? was it good? and i also wanted to ask, is andre german or speaks german? because you posted on instagram this pic today with the headline "Du <3" and "du" is you in german…so i was kinda suprised :D

    • Det såg väldigt gott ut. Hoppas ni hade det trevligt :)

    • Hej Angelica!:) Du tar alltid maaagiskt fina bilder, vilken kamera använder du? :) hadet bäst!!

    • Yummm!


    • Var är din keps ifrån!?! så fin!!

    • Hello,
      Vart är detta? Maten ser magisk ut.

    • Hej Angelica.

      Din näsring på bilden, är det en fejk eller äkta?
      Vart har du fått tag i den.
      Tacksam för svar!
      Grym blogg!