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  • 12:47 | August 23, 2015





    O em ge, we had such an amazing summerday/night yesterday! As we said ” the perfect day” .
    Dr.Denim had a big event called a crayfish party ( swedish tradition ) and it was a really good event!
    It started with us going on a boat to a place in the artipilago and then there was music, drinks, and good weather.
    After a while we started eating the crayfish and then the party continued! Thank you Dr.Denim and Michaela Hamilton for an awesome day/night.


    O em gee, vi hade en helt underbar sommardag/kväll igår! Den “perfekta dagen” så att säga.
    Dr.Denim hade ett stort event – en såkallad kräftskiva och de var ett underbart event!
    Det startade med att vi åkte båt till ett fint ställe och sen var de massor musik, drinkar och gött väder.
    Efter ett tag åt vi och efter det fortsätte festen! Tack Dr.Denim och Michaela Hamilton för en underbar dag/kväll.

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    • så fina bilder!

    • så fantastiska bilder! kram

    • Gott men kräftor! måste ha kräftskiva snart :)

    • MUMS!!

    • Så roligt :D

    • Anyone knows how the drink in the first picture is called??

      Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

    • Åh vilka härliga bilder! Otroligt vacker också!

    • Waaaa var är din skjorta ifrån vackra Angie??!!

    • I’m from new Orleans and we eat crayfish all the time but we call it crawfish? do you guys boil it with red
      potatoes and corn like we do? Next time you in the states stop in Louisiana you’ll have a great time here

    • By the way do you happen to know what glasses with the pink lens from? Love it ha I just asked u about a pair of yours on another post anyway just noticed u said it was a tradition in Sweden erythroid interesting like I said we eat it here too where Im from there is always a crawfish boil which is a party all the time! we put it in gumbo and etouffe. Mostly all our foods, some southern states have it too, but New Orleans is the main one where it’s very very popular at. Come down to Mardi Gras one yr!

    • Älskar kräftskivor, så det låter super härligt!!