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  • 19:48 | January 3, 2016

    RECAP OF 2015


    JANUARY. During January me and Olivia went to Thailand and was supposed to go to Tokoy, but then I got robbed haha. I was nominated as the only swedish bloggar at Stylight Blog Awards in Berlin and I went to Cuba with André. I worked out a lot at the gym and started thaiboxing again!


    FEBRUARY. Was still in Cuba with André for a bit before going home to Sweden. Did a big collab with Ljung together with André and also went to Costa Rica with Surkadademin.


    MARCH. It happened a lot of things in March. I switched to CUBE agency and had a lot of brunches. Tommy Hilfiger had a big dinner, I did a big collab with TRESemmé and Bangs by marre. I did a big shoot for a norweigan magazine, went on a Gina Tricot dinner, had a bloppis and had a big event at Nacka forum.


    APRIL. Did a big collab with Loreal and Maybelline in April. Went to NYC with André and had an amazing (food)trip. In the end of April me and Emma went to Marrakech for really fun work. Emma and I did some more fun that month!


    MAY. A real travel month for sure! First I went to the Maldives for just 3 days for work before it was time to go back to Sweden and the next day go with Nelly on their Nelly Pool party in Ibiza. So much fun! Then I went on the trip of my life – The Bahamas. Met friends for life and had an amazing trip.


    JUNE. A lot of stuff happened this month too! I spent some days out  at the countryside, Tash came to Sweden and visited me – so we went to Gröna Lund with Julian. Sabri and I had a big party together, Elsa released her collection for BikBok and I partyed at Bråvalla festival.  I also did a big collab with Nike which was really cool, I went from brown hair to grey and André and I went on a roadtrip to Varberg. I hung out at summerburst and went on another roadtrip to Varberg. Julian had a party at his terrace and we celebrated midsummer.


    JULY. I went to St Barths with Whitney, Tash & Devin. André and I visited Janni and Jon in Marbella, had amazing nights out at the countryside and we bought our very first apartment. Cube had a big dinner and I spent a few days with my friends out at Häringe in their pool.


    AUGUST. End of summer and we really took advantage of that. All of us went to Way out west and had the best time. We had a big party at Lounges that almost broke the roof.  We moved in to our new apartment. Stockholm FW took place and we went on a really nice crayfish party! We also went to Greece witch a lot of friend and bloggers.


    SEPTEMBER. Went to NYC for FW with Rami and met upp with a lot of friends. We saw the most amazing sunset in Sweden during a boat cruise and dinner. I borrowed a Harley to pose with and had a lot of nice dinners with friends. Autumn started!


    OCTOBER. Me and mah girls went to Berlin to record a swedish television show called “När & Fjärran”. André and I started renovating our apartment so we decided to go to Polen and Auschwitz at that time. Something everyone should go and see. I got invited to YSL dinner in Copenhagen and had an amazing time. River Island had a big party and dinner. André and I celebrated 1 year officially so we went to Yusuragi and stayed there 1 night. Fightboc opened up and I did a lot of workout!


    NOVEMBER. I turned 25! I had huge party for my friends! Julian and I went to Cape Town and did absailing and other fun stuff. H&M balmain was released and I went to a big event for it! I did a fun vollab with Gina Tricot that was released that month.


    DECEMBER. Last month of the year! We had a cozy month with some christmas celebration. André and I went to Thailand, Gina Tricot had a nice dinner and we finally went skydiving!! It was insane. We ended the year by celebrating christmas and with a big New year party.

    I had such an amazing year with a lot of experience and fun stuff happening! I also wanna say THANK YOU to you guys for supporting me and sending me all the love that you do ♥
    You guys are absoultey THE BEST READERS EVER AND I LOVE YOU! Remember that!
    2015 was kick-ass awesome – LET’S MAKE 2016 EVEN BETTER!!!

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    • Your blog is absofuckinglutely gorgeous!!! Love the pics and the content!! Your blog is just great! With which camera and objectiv do you usually take your photos?
      Puss :) Elena

    • Aw, thanks babe! so happy to hear that <3 I'm using a canon 5D mark! and lenses are depending on, but usually 50mm 1.2 :) I usually take my photos if I'm not in the photo - but at 99% I always edit them!

    • Men Å, vilka dröm destinationer du klämde in förra året!! Kommer ihåg att bilderna från Marrakech var så himla snygga!!

    • Verkligen! Resa och mode = det bästa jag vet!

    • Tack för det fina armbandet jag fick hem ifrån din design. Det stod inget brev eller så men det står att det var designat av dig. Så tack. :)

    • Armband? va? Vart då? kan du maila mig? Har aldrig designat ett armband..

    • You look beautiful in every single photo and moment of the year, hope you have a year as amazing as you.
      Happy 2016 ♥

    • Aw, thanks babe! xx you too!

    • Vilket jävla pang år du haft minus att du blev rånad och vissa resor/äventyr blev inställda. Inser nu hur galet mycket samarbeten du haft under året, förstår inte hur du hunnit med allt! Ser så mycket fram emot att få följa med nu i 2016 :D Tack för ett underbart år Angelica :*

    • Åh verkligen! Världen roligaste! Ja, jag har gjort en hel del andra samarbeten än dom jag nämnt i inlägget :) superkul! Men bara sånt jag till 100 kan stå bakom. åh fin du är! Är så pepp inför 2016!! NU JÄVLAR! <3

    • that first picture. haven’t seen it before and I’m in LOVE

    • Oh, you haven’t? I did an entire post with really cool photos of me and this car :) xx

    • Wow. This might be the best round up of photos that have ever existed. 2015 was good to you! Cannot wait to see what 2016 brings you. Love following along. :)
      ox Taylor |

    • Ah, you are way to sweet! Thanks babe <3 yes, I can't wait for 2016 too! HUGS BABE!

    • Är du och Fanny lyckman inte vänner mer?

    • Vänner och vänner – vi har aldrig varit varken ovänner eller vänner :) vi känner inte varann på det sättet. Tror att Fanny och jag är alldeles för olika personlighetsmässigt! Men tur är väl att vi alla är olika här i världen! Kram

    • That an awesome year and I hope that 2016 will be an even better year :D Even though it might be hard to do

    • Thanks darling! xx

    • Those photos are stunning!

    • Thanks babe! xx

    • Men wow du lever ju verkligen mitt drömliv!! Fett kul att läsa om det och dina bilder är SJUKA!!! Du ger mig så otroligt mycket inspiration så tack. Hoppas detta år blir lika grymt som 2015 var, är taggad på att följa det! ;) <3

    • Åh fina du! Glad jag blir! mer roligt kommer och mer SJUKA bilder kommer :D <3 tack själv!! kram

    • Älskar översta bilden! :)

    • Åh tack babe! <3

    • What a nice Review!

      ♥ Nissi

    • Thanks love <3

    • Just discovered your blog, and I love it! You’re stunning and so is the quality of your pictures!

    • This is a total coincidence, but as I was looking through your recap, the song “I Lived ” by OneRepublic was playing. And I felt so inspired! You are so fierce, spontaneous and adventurous – keep on doing your thing and inspire people like me to reach for their dreams!

    • Ååh är så nyfiken på vart man kan hitta den lilamönstrade bikini du har på båtbilden??
      Amazing blogg! ??✨