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18:24 | February 28, 2016






Spent my saturday in a really nice meeting and got my brows done until now. I’ve been cleaning our apartment for 2 hours now and now i’m watching episodes of “Sex & the city” and drinking tea. André, Emil and I are gonna eat at Fat Franks later and just have a chill sunday. What are you guys doing this sunday?


Har hittills spenderat min söndag med ett trevligt möte och fixat mina bryn. Har städat här hemma nu i två timmar och nu sitter jag och kollar på  “Sex and the city” och dricker te. Sen ska jag, André och Emil käka på Fat Franks och bah softa. Vad gör ni denna söndag?

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17 kommentarer om “BEER&SKI”

    great photos, its nice with a change from only beach holiday pics to some snow pics haha ;)
    i wonder if tv4 answered you and if it will be possible to watch när och fjärran for your international readers? :)
    oohh and if i am at it with asking you annoying questions haha i wanted to ask you if you still have on your schedule to answer the questions from your Q&A from a while ago. have a nice sunday :-* <3


    Thank you! I agree :) fun with something new for a change, right? We’ll see if it will work :/ I’m trying my best! gonna get back to you as soon as I know! They are coming! It takes such a long time it’s crazy, but I’m gonna try to sit with the rest today. thanks babe<3


    You have the most beautiful eyes! Loving these ski photos :)

    Perhaps you’ve answered this before, I apologise if so because I couldn’t find the info, but what camera & lens do you use? Your photos are absolutely fantastic quality!



    Aw, thank you so much babe!! Thanks :) oh yes I have but that’s ok! I’m using a canon 5d mark :) a 50mm and a wide angle! thanks <3


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