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  • 19:39 | May 5, 2016


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    nlystuden225.HERE 6.HERE 7.HERE 8.HERE


    nlystudent239.HERE 10.HERE 11.HERE 12.HERE


    Graduation is coming up and it might be time to find your perfect graduation dress :)  I’ve picked out my favorite ones from NELLY ONE and I have to say that some of them are really, really beautiful. My personal favs are 1,3,11 & 12. Happy shopping babes ♥


    Student och skolavslutningen börjar närma sig och de är nog det perfekt läget att hitta sin klänning nu :) Jag har valt ut mina favoriter från NELLY ONE och vissa av dessa är ju riktigt vackra måste jag säga. Mina personliga favoriter är 1,3,11 och 12. Happy shopping babes ♥

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    • All the dresses you picked are beautiful but my fav is #4 :)
      xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • I love all the gorgeous dresses!

    • I am asolutely in love with number 2 and number 12 and 9! <3 Awesome choice! My sister just graduated this year so I am already looking forward to join her prom! :)
      Puss from Germany

    • Nummer tre var ju verkligen to-die-for! <3

    • När kommer inlägg från Mexico? Sitter som på nålar och bara väntar. Vill se ALLT från mitt hjärtas hemland! ;)

    • lovely dresses!
      Fash ‘n’ fudge
      Fash ‘n’ fudge

    • Så fine alle sammen <3

    • Very beautiful dresses and amazing blog!
      Would it be possible for you to make a post for graduation outfits with the theme Bachelor/Masters graduation? More of like a business approach
      Something sophisticated and chic to have under the graduation gowns. If you look internationally there is less limitations and can be very interesting styles, colors and accessories. I am in deep need for inspiration and many of my friends are too

    • Purchased after my csection because the hospital one was and majorly uncomfortable. I was blown away by this one! The material is soft and the back has holes for nice air flow. The velcro didn’t poke my boobs or arms like the hospital one. It wasn’t too bulky to wear under clothing which I was worried about. I did struggle a bit with figuring out which way is best to wear it (top/bottom and where to put the straps). Overall it worked great and really helped during those first 2 weeks home from the hospital. I’m 7 weeks post now and haven’t really been wearing it but mainly because I dont leave the house much and it’s not my favorite thing to wear when I’m sitting down. It’s not impossible to handle wearing it if you’re sitting, I often wore it while driving but it’s not ideal so I typically put it on once getting to my destination where I would be standing. Sizing is hard because I had no idea what to get. I’m 5’6” and after birth weight 165lbs and I got a medium. It was a decent bit snug because of the swelling but I was still able to wear it. Probably would have been better to get a large and just make it tighter with the straps but I didn’t want to risk it being tooo big.