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11:59 | October 2, 2016

I WON!!!!





Wow, I’m overwhelmed. I’m just so, so thankful and happy! I can’t thank you enough for the support and love you give me each day. On my way home in the taxi I was just smiling. Smiling all the way home, getting really sentimental for how blessed I am with people like you – all over the world – around me, supporting me in everything I do. That is something I’ll NEVER take for granted in any way.

I grew up in a small town called Linköping, without any famous parents in any way and actually a bit poor. I have never in my life taken anything for granted and always been taught that if you want something, you have to work for it. Work hard.
So, growing up not being able to maybe buy all the stuff most kids could ( we weren’t poor as in living in shelters, but we had an apartment with roof over our heads and food on the table every day – but that was about it, no extra stuff . I’m still a bit proud over building a fashionblog from using almost only second hand and budget brands clothes. ) I have to say, that taught me something too – to be grateful  for all small or big stuff life gives you. And I hope that THAT in turn can inspire other girls and boys to follow their dream – no matter what. So thank you, thank you so much in believing in me and my dream. I love you all ♥


Wow, jag är helt mållös. Jag är bara så, så tacksam och glad! Kan inte tacka er nog för all supoort och kärlek ni ger mig varje dag. Påväg hem i taxin igår så satt jag bara och log hela vägen hem och blev riktigt sentimental över hur blessed jag är för människor som er där ute – runtom hela världen – och att ha dom så nära mig, supoortandes i allt jag gör och tar mig till. Det är nått jag ALDRIG kommer ta för givet.

Jag växte upp i en småstad som heter Linköping, utan några kända föräldrar eller nått och även sådär lite dåligt med pengar. Jag har aldrig under mitt liv tagit nått för givet och har blivit upplärd att om man vill något så måste man jobba hårt för de. Riktigt hårt. Så att växa upp i dom förhållanden jag växte upp i ( vi var inte fattiga på så vis att vi inte hade någonstans att bo, men pengarna räckte precis till tak över huvudet och mat på bordet – inget annat extra. Känner mig fortfarande stolt att jag lyckades bygga en modeblogg på nästintill enbart second hand kläder och ibland budgetmärkes kläder. ) så måste jag säga att det lärde mig nått viktigt – att vara tacksam för allt smått som stort som livet ger en. Och jag hoppas att DET i sin tur kan inspirera andra tjejer och killar att följa sina drömmar med – oavsett vad. Så TACK, tack för att ni tror på mig och mina drömmar. All kärlek till er ♥

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51 kommentarer om “I WON!!!!”

    You are my biggest Inspiration as a blogger and i’ve been following your life for four years now! I voted for you before and now, and it made me so so happy to see you won!

    I think you deserved it for sure! I can relate to you because you don’t just wear all expensive brands but you’re uniqe and mix all the styles. That’s how i’d like to be too. Have a nice sunday and congrats! :) xx


    I am? Oh, thank you sooooo much <3<3!! I can't tell you how happy this made me <3 thank you so much!! you too! xx


    Du är verkligen en värdig vinnare Angelica! Hårt jobb, engagemang och ett öga för det du sysslar med. Grattis fina!! Huuuugs


    Okay you are literally the best and I’m so happy for you!! I looove your blog and Instagram :-) I have got so much inspiration from you! But do you have some advices for being more self-confident? I mean I really would like to wear heels for example more often but I always think what people would think about that and what I wear and so on :/ It really is a little problem and I would be so grateful for some kind of advice! :)


    Ah, you are so sweet!! Thank you so, so much <3<3 They only thing I use to think is: I have one life. One. Should I go through life thinking what other thinks, and do what other people like and think is ok? Or should I care what I LIKE, do what I WANT and feel good inside instead of wonder what other people think? Life is too short to be bothered about what everyone else thinks. It's better to do whatever makes YOU happy instead. so - if you ant to wear heels because YOU feel good in them - WEAR THEM WITH PRIDE!! <3


    Wooohhhooo!!! I am sooo happy for you!!! Love your blog and you!!!! Congrats!!!! Best regards from Lithuania!!!


    STORT GRATTIS till dig Angie! <3<3<3 Du är SÅ värd detta!!! Stor kram från mig! <3
    P.S Jag väntar barn och ska ha nu i oktober. :)


    Åh vicky!! Tack fina du <3<3 och STORT GARTTIS till bebis påväg :D !! kram


    Congratulations. Your hard work paid off, and really, its your creative talent and attention to detail. Your a person who GRINDS and, well, quite frankly your well above most bloggers.

    Thanks for your quality content and sharing it with the world. Your blog has given me inspiration at times when it seems like nothing has changed. Its not just the artistic view point, but you get content out there, your creating all the time, and really, that’s not only encouraging but genius too.

    I’ve been following your blog since 2013, and simply put, thanks for inspiring others to lead a life full of passion!


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