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  • 18:20 | October 13, 2016

    Zoom it up

    ZARA philliplim2 ZARA topp GCDS Lisa Olsson for NLY baum8 blick stickad bikbok balenciaga asosdress2




    Just a way too busy day and a really bad one two. It hasn’t been a good day at all actually. I’ll tell you all tomorrow! All I’m going to do now is to get undressed, put on comfy clothes and clean our apartment, do the laundry and eat. Maybe watch a movie in between laundry. I was supposed to go to a girlsnight with Filippa at Hanna’s place but I have way to much stuff to do at home and on my laptop. SOOOOO sometimes you just need to say no to the fun stuff and do that boring shit too hahahah.. And yeah my mood is not the best so it might be better to just stay home being grumpy all by myself haha. BUT! You guys can maybe make me a bit more happy :D ?! Can’t you tell me something funny, either a joke, something clumpsy you’ve done, what connection you have to me or yeah… it can be whatever! Bring it on babes!


    Bara en alldeles för stressig dag idag, och en riktigt dålig dag med. Ingen bra dag alls. Jag berättar imorgon! Så de jag ska göra nu är att klä av mig, klä på mig mjukisar, städa lägenheten och tvätta och käka mat. Kanske se film mellan tvätten med. Jag skulle egentligen på tjejkväll med Filippa hemma hos Hanna men jag har waaaay för mycket att göra här hemma! Ibland måste man hoppa de roliga sakerna och göra de där tråkiga skiten med hahahahah. och Ja, mitt humör är ju sådär så de kanske är lika bra att stanna hemma och sura för mig själv istället hahahhaah. MEN! Ni får mer än gääärna peppa upp mitt humör om ni vill :D ?! Kan inte ni berätta nått kul? Allt från skämt, till nått pinsamt ni gjort, vilken koppling ni har till mig/min blogg eller ja.. vad som! Bring it on babes!


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    • When I was 3 years old I was out going for a walk with my mom and she turned her head for a split second and when she looked at me again I had taken a bite of a dog’s poop because I thought it was chocolate :D :D

      Hope you’ll have a better evening <3


    • I can’t remember at all how I came across your blog, but from the first time I saw it, I have been following you, and are visiting you regularly. You are a constant inspiration, and the feel of your blog is what I thrive for in mine <3

      Hope you feel better soon!

    • Gorgeous look! :)

      La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    • Fastnade för din blogg eftersom du är från Linköping och jag har bott där. Men förstås är det stilen som fått mig att fortsätta läsa din blogg. Vintern 2014 när vi va på h&m dagen innan jul ser jag dig gå förbi så jag säger till min kompis som är australienare “I just saw a Swedish celebrity” hon ba what wow really where

    • Always in love with your pictures! Hmm, I just came on this blog randomly but I love it! Your outfits and pics are always amazing! Can’t think of something funny haha, succes with all the work, you can do it! X

    • Yesterday I was in the office and going towards the restroom and I saw this other coworker of mine walking really fast towards the restroom as well. I go into a stall and start to pee and she comes to the stall next to me and suddenly I see her feet fly up from the ground and she is shitting so loud and breathing very hard like she just ran a marathon. I had to get out of there as fast as I could so I wouldn’t suffocate or start laughing really hard. Poor lady but I still found it really funny. Reminded me of the bathroom scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber ;) hope you can cheer up soon!

    • Crazy shit happens to me all the freaking time.. Just two days ago I was peeing on a toilet (hanging above it cause I don’t wanna sit on public toilets) and some guy opened the door and stared at me for 5 seconds! He didn’t even want to close the door! He just stared at my puniiiii. I guess he is now traumatized…

    • Oh I forgot to mention I was wearing a jumpsuit..

    • Vart har du köpt dina mån halsband, såå fina!