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  • 23:36 | April 20, 2018

    Rest in Peace, Tim.


    Rest in peace Tim Avicii Bergling. My condolences to you family and loved ones.
    You got taken away way too young and it has left us all heartbroken.
    You will always and forever live through your music and be remembered forever.
    A true shining star.


    Vila i frid Tim Avicii Bergling. Mina kondoleanser till din familj och dina nära/kära.
    Du togs ifrån oss alla alldeles för ung och har lämnat alla hjärtekrossade.
    Du kommer förevigt leva genom din musik och alltid ihågkommen, aldrig bortglömd.
    En sann skinande stjärna.

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    • This is so sad to hear! Tim Avicii Bergling was one of my favorite artists. His presence and work will be greatly missed.

    • It’s a tragedy :( so sad. Yes it will be so missed <3

    • Absolutely love it! x

    • You must av written this comment on the wrong post.. right?xx

    • So saddened by these news. Avicii got me through my worst times at Varsity. You know a person made great music when their songs overcome barriers; are even blasted by students of all races in South Africa. Waiting For Love is a song that will always have a special place in my heart and i hope to include in my playlist one day when i eventually walk down the isle. Thank you for making the most of your years and giving us great music! There can never be another Tim who touched our hearts like you did.

    • It’s so, so sad :( it’s such a tragedy!

    • Är så fruktansvärt ledsen. Kan inte förstå att han är borta. Vila i frid Tim <3

    • SÅ HEMSKT! Fattar de inte heller :( Vila I frid! <3