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  • 16:59 | June 23, 2018

    Answers to my Q&A

    What are your favourite online shops? I always love what you wear, your style is impeccable. Because of you, I discovered Shona Joy and HAD to buy one of their b e a u t i f u l dresses! XO

    ANSWER: Hi! My favorite online shops has to be ASOS.COM, HOUSEOFCB.COM, NELLY.COM, SABOSKIRT.COM, VERGEGIRL.COM .. and many many more haha. But these are some of my favs for sure <3 Yes!! I know – they have AMAZING stuff as well. Xx

    Hi Angelica!These are few questions for you:
    -Which was the most dreamest place you´ve ever been?
    -Do you believe in sth? (God/Yourself/Meditation/…)?
    -Are you planning to travel to middle Europe countries like Slovakia/Czech republic/ Hungary/Austria?
    Lots of love!

    ANSWER: Hi Anet! Yes shoot.
    – Oh there are so many! But some of them are The Maldives, Bahamas, The Philippines and Croatia.
    – Hmm I don’t know a 100% but I do believe in SOMETHING. I can’t answer exactly what .. if it’s faith, chance, some kind of “god” or yeah. Meditation is amazing tho – it’s so liberating.
    – Not any plans as we speak but I would love to go again – I’ve been to some of the places already :)

    When did you start working out? Did you start from a young age? And do you struggle with cellulite?

    ANSWER: I’ve always been a very active person so I guess I would say all my life but I started working out at the gym more and with heavy weights in October 2017. So there is where my journey  for todays “results” started I guess :) I’ve been dancing since I was 6 years old and tried everything from gymnastics to floorball and ju justu. I’m happy to say that I don’t really have cellulites even tho I wouldn’t matter at all if I did. I think all of our “flaws” is what makes us unique and beautiful. Almost EVERYONE has cellulites and dimples and I know I’ll get some in the future. I have some stretchmarks on one side of my butt and I think they are so cute!

    Have you always been a confident person?could you give us your best advice how to be more confident ?

    ANSWER: Hmm I guess I would say yes.. or, I’ve never actually cared about what other people think about me. Even as I kid I just went on minding my own business and I think that also made me very strong as a person. When everyone was riding their new bikes to school I took my grandpa’s old military bike ( that I painted NEON GREEN btw haha.. ) and biked to school. Everyone looked at me like for being a bit weird but after a while everyone started thinking my bike was so cool haha. Ofc I’ve had ups and downs but I’ve always walked my own path and I love when people aren’t “just like everyone else”. LOVE!

    1: Are you a spiritual person?
    2: How do you maintain beautiful, glowy skin? Do you go to any dermatologist?
    3: Can you make more what I eat in a day, and follow me around in Stockholm?
    Hugs and kissses <3

    1. Yes I would say that! I feel energies a lot and I know right away when I step into a room if the energy is good or not.
    2. First off: THANK U! I take very good care of my skin. I use good products for my skin ( this vary from person to person WHAT kind of products you should use and what brand and so on). I use HIGH SPF in my face every day and especially when I’m in the sun ( 50 or 30 ). And then I go and do facials once a month .. everyhting from light acid, calming moisture boosts, microneedling and so on. 
    3. Yes ofc! I’ve gotten so many questions about that so I’ll make mor ofc :D! Tomorrow there is a “follow me around” coming up on my youtube. HUGS AND KISSES <3

    I love your style so much! You are an inspiration, how did you get so fit quickly, and do you have any tips? I have the same body type as you and I am finding it difficult with a good diet and working out regularly mixed of cardio and weights xxxx

    ANSWER: Thank you so much! I just started and once I’ve decided on something I always focus a lot on it :) I’m a “100 or 0” kind of person haha. Regarding diet I don’t really do anything special.. I eat what I want but maybe not McDonalds and pizza every single day. I just try to eat good and healthy food ( and a lot since I work out a lot! ). I go to the gym 6-7 days a week and mix between heavy lifts and cardio. I do prefer heavy lifts tho so that is what I focus on :) xx

    Do you feel like a pressure to always update and be at your best for instagram?
    Love your insta and the amazing person you seem to be! (Massor med kärlek från en fellow svensk)

    ANSWER: Nah.. not really pressure but ofc you strive to create nice pictures – but that is beacuse I love what I do! I love being creative and to express myself in my “art” and pictures. I always love to figure out a photo and then actually create it and then see the final result! Love it :) KÄRLEK TILL DIG! och stort tack!

    How tall are you Angelica? Lots of love xx

    ANSWER: I’m 165 cm SHOOORT haha! Love xx

    How do you shop online? I mean what are you’re favorite websites and do you have some kind of plan when you want to buy like really cool stuff. Maybe a weird question but I did my best to explain it haha! Lots an lots and lots of love from the Netherlands!! Such a fan girl over here, keep on doing what you’re doing, I love it!

    ANSWER: As I wrote a bit up I love ASOS, NELLY, HOUSEOFCB, VERGE GIRL and so on. I often have an idea of what I want and looking for and then I try to find it. For example now: I’M IN LOVE WITH LIGHT GREEN/NEON GREEN. So now I’m trying to fin everything in that color haha. But sometimes I just find something and love it and then order it. BUT I always have this thing before I order something: I have to be able to come up with three different ways to wear it and in outfits before ordering it so I know I’ll wear it. Thank you so, so much babe! This makes me so happy! LOVE

    How did you meet André? xx

    ANSWER: Through mutual friends! I fell in love with him right away and we started texting right away and going on walks in Stockholm for hours. I knew he was my soulmate ♥

    First of all, I just want to say that you are a GODDESS! You are so inspiring and I wonder a bit how you constantly have the power to continue shooting, constantly creating, filming, posting on my story, blogging, responding to comments etc, etc? Do you never feel stressed or have you ever been close to just falling apart from stress? How do you keep calm is what I want to come to haha ? ​​<3 you’re AWESOME!

    ANSWER: AW BABE! You are so cute!! Thank you! Well I guess it has to do with me being a very creative soul. I LOVE to create and always have projects and ideas in my head that I want to do and create. As soon as I’m “done” with something i always end up with a new “project” that I want to do and finish. Haha! Ofc, there is times when it’s veeeeeery stressful and you feel like you don’t even have time to breath but I kind of… love it too. All the different periods of time! Sometimes it’s calm and sometimes stressful. I’m just very thankful for having this opportunity and for what I’ve created. Just very thankful! And for you guys also ♥ THANKS LOVE!!

    Well angelica! Wondering what camera you’re shooting with and using the same while shooting? kisses, I like all of you and your personality super much, you are a role model <3

    ANSWER: I use different ones! Sometimes I use my iPhone 7 plus, Canon 5D mark III, Sony 6300 or Leica Q. I mix all of them haha! Thank you so so much love <3 This means so much to me!

    – What are your closest friends?
    – What do you have for bra size?
    – Which 3 things of your appearance are you most satisfied with?
    – Best travel destination ever
    – Is that your real hair you have right now?

    – My closest friends are ofc my childhood friends Jessica and Emeli. Also Filippa and Osccar.
    – Haha since I started working out a lot they kind of have dissappered hahah so now I don’t even know.. maybe 75A?
    But I used to have 75B! 
    – Hmm, maybe my legs, abs and cheekbones?
    – Wow this is a hard question! There are so many amazing places. But I do love LA, Costa Rica and The Philippines. 
    – Yes! All natural!! I’m so happy about my hair right now!

    Hi Angelica!
    I recently got my heart brokened by a guy I like. I’m struggling to cope because it hurts. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way but I really look up to you hehe. Hope you can fill me in with some advice? Love ya!<3

    ANSWER: Hi babe! First of: I’m so sorry to hear that ♥ Sending you loads of warm hugs and love. Well.. getting heartbroken is kind of a part of life.. all of us has been there, I promise you. You are not alone love ♥  My advice is just to let all the feelings come to you. It’s OK the feel like shit, to cry, to be sad, to be angry. I know by fact that time heals wounds.. even tho it might take a long time. But in a while you’ll be less sad, cry a little less and not think about as much. I promise you! Even tho it might feel like that right now – I promise you, it will get better. And I also think that we need to feel sad and down to be able to feel happiness and joy. That is why life is so amazing! And when you least expect it, you’ll me in love again. Life works in wonderful and mysterious ways. LOVE!

    How do you edit your photos both instagram and blog. Maybe you can do a youtube video about it? And which camera do you use for both instagram photos and blog.

    ANSWER: I usually work in Lightroom and Photoshop and always edit my pictures myself :) So I don’t really work in apps anymore. BUT some apps that are kick-ass is: VSCO, Afterlight and Snapseed. Regarding cameras I mix between iPhone 7s plus, Canon 5D mark III, Sony 6300 and Leica Q! LOVE!

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