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  • 08:20 | July 14, 2018

    Some time off

    Hi my loves! How are you?
    As you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging for the past week.

    It all started with my sister getting really sick and being hospitalized. She was really really bad and I didn’t really feel like I could share and write about it. She is more stabil now and she is going to be fine. But it just didn’t feel right to either ignore it here on my blog or even take the time to blog. I hope you all can understand that and I know you do ❤️

    I also felt like I needed a little break. I’ve been blogging every day for 9-10 years and never had a real “vacay” where I don’t write, take pictures, edit pictures or sit infront of the computer. Even tho I love love love what I do, all people sometimes need a break to just be in the present and not focus on anything but NOW. I just needed to stress down, take my time off and recharge my batteries a bit. And also focus on my family, André, my friends and on myself for a while.

    I’ll take the rest of this week of and be back on Monday with more energy and having more creative stuff that I want to do and share.

    I know you all understand and have my back, and I love you all for that ❤️
    Be ready for me on Monday tho! Love

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    11 kommentarer om “Some time off”

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    • Take your time girl, u deserve it! Kissss from Croatia ❤️

    • Totally understand. We all need a little break from time to time and just be in the now. Goodluck sweetie xoxo Yvon

    • Ta hand om dig och din syster. Jag och resten av dina följare är här när du är redo att komma tillbaka :)


    • hope your sister is going to be strong & healthy soon♥️ Take your time!

    • Ta den tid du behöver! Kommer finnas här när du kmr tillbaka. Alla behöver tid för sig själv och familj. <3

    • Alla borde tycker det är okej, annars vore något fel! Njut massor❤️

    • Respect for taking some time off! Everybody understands that and if you take a month off we will still be here and follow you!

      God bedring med din søster <3

    • I’m very sorry to hear that your sister has been unwell! I can imagine the amount of stress this would have caused you, because I would have been nervous the entire time! When you love someone dearly and something bad happens to them, you can’t help it but to sort of freak out! There is no need to apologies for taking a break. It’s amazing that you’ve been blogging consecutively for 9-10! Go you Angelica! You deserve a break more than anyone else. Even though blogging may not look like a hard job to some people, the amount of work and energy it takes and more specifically you put into it, proves them all wrong! I hope that you have a relaxing weekend and your sister continues to return to good health!

    • Hi Love, you totally deserve to take time off and there is no need to apologize. Family and your own health always comes first. Take all the time you need and rest up. Your blog has been inspirational for so many years (I started following you 5 years ago) and we all totally understand that in order to be the extraordinary you, you need time to recharge. Sending lots of love to you and your family, and thank you for being you! ❤️

    • I hope your sister makes a full recovery. Take the time you need Angelica, the people that matter will still be here. Burnout is not the way to go and you have such dedication, theres nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself, your health and your family.
      Wishing you all well. xx

    • Wishing you and your entire family all the best, honey!!! Sending tons of good vibes your way. xoxo