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  • 11:40 | July 18, 2018

    My 2 weeks vacay

    1. André and my grandpa heading for a dip
    in our lake ❤️

    2. Me being happy in Varberg! Heading out to “Maja’s vid havet” for some party.
    3. Yesterday in Sturefors with Andrè, Emeli and my dad.

    4. Outside of Lars Winnerbäck concert in Varberg with the crew. A Perfect night!

    5. Me on the Harley I borrowed while being in Varberg. Best Feeling to ride this bad boy!!

    6. Summer nights ❤️
    7. Me and the Love of my life


    9. Breakfast by the sea! Can’t get any better, right?

    10. Out and about with the bikes! I look so funny here hahah. But hey, it was magical cruising on the bike.
    11. Varberg in my heart.

    12. My fav nugget eating popcorn!

    13. The sunsets has been unreaaaaal in Sweden this summer. Just look!!!!

    14. Me and Hamon!
    15. André and my grandpa yesterday taking a dip

    16. Not enough words in this world to describe my love for you.

    Here are some of my snaps from my so called “vacay”. I haven’t even been using my laptop or camera for the past 2 weeks. Just my iPhone! And it’s been so good. But now my fingers are starting to itch a bit to start creating again. Feels good to be back ❤️


    Här kommer lite av mina bilder från min såkallade “semester”. Jag har ingen öppnat min laptop eller fotat med min kamera på över 2 veckor förutom med mobilen då! De har varit riktigt skönt faktist. Nu kliar de dock lite i skapar-fingrarna. Kännas skönt att vara tillbaka ❤️

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