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  • 11:05 | August 4, 2018


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    Okey so let’s skip a bit from Zakynthos to Lake Como! Sorry about all the “jumping” in time but since I had a bit of a vacay from blogging I have so much pictures to show you from my trips before my vacay – I hope that is OK for you?
    Anyway! I went to Lake Como with Guess for two days and had the best time ever :) We were there to watch their kick-ass fashion show and all the new amazing clothes coming. I just have to say.. WOW! Guess always put so much effort in their shows and galas. This one was epic! But anyway, during one of the days we went out to this cute house/restaurant were they taught us to make our own pasta from scratch. Me and Amy was a team and I think we did a really good job if you ask me! I have ever since actually done it a couple of times at home and it’s been so good.
    Well, today is our last day in Croatia – flying home tomorrow! My throat is starting to hurt a bit and I DON’T want to get sick, please keep your fingers crossed for me. KISSES!


    Okej, så låt oss hoppa lite från Zakynthos till Lake Como! Sorry för “hoppandet” i tiden men eftersom jag tog en liten “semester” från bloggen så har jag så mycket bilder att visa er från resorna osv innan jag gick på semester – hoppas de är OK för er? Men men! Jag åkte iaf till Lake como med Guess för att attenda deras stora fashion show och gala som varade under 2 dagar. Hade så sjukt härligt där :) och jag måste bara säga.. WOW! Guess vet hur man gör det pampigt och stort. Sååå fint var det! Men men, under vår resa så tog dom oss till ett litet hus/restaurang där vi fick lära oss att göra egen pasta från scratch. Jag och Amy var ett team och jag måste ändå säga att vi gjorde ett bra jobb! Jag har sen dess faktist gjort pasta hemma några gånger och de har blivit så gott. Aja, idag är iallafall vår sista hela dag i Kroatien – jag flyger hem imorgon! Min hals har börjat göra ont och de har jag INTE lust med så håll gärna tummarna för att de går över. PUSS!

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    • So cool! :)

    • Thanks babe! And yes it was awesome :) xx

    • Oh I think I saw this on Freddy Cousin Brown’s YouTube channel! Being part Italian, I’ve always daydreamed about the idea of making homemade pasta … from scratch. I’ve boiled water and added different types of artisan pastas in more than enough times to try and make it as close to what true, homemade Italian pasta would be like, but nothing can beat this! All of you look so chic too preparing the dough haha! I think Guess always does a fabulous job creating a wonderful experience wherever they take you. Russia looked incredible :)

    • Oh really? :) Yes it’s soo good and it’s also so much fun! You’ll love it! Aw thanks babe :) u are the cutest, always!! yes they sure do – always taking care of us! LOVE XX