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  • 13:26 | March 20, 2019

    How can I add life experience to my résumé?

    First, thanks for recognizing that life experience can be very important to include on a résumé, especially if you don’t have a lot of “professional”experience.

    Second, I recommend that the first category on your résumé be called “experience” or “related experience” rather than something like “professionalexperience.”

    Third, the hard part now is determining what types of life experience support the underlying skills, knowledge, or traits required for the kind of work you are considering. If the job calls for self-motivation and organizational skills, for instance, what in your life would indicate that you have those two? It could be volunteering, part-time employment, avocations, etc. There are many types of life experience that might be included; the best thing would be for you to take a look at the relevant section in my book, Résumé 101. If you don’t want to buy a copy, see if your local library will order one for its reference section—or sneak a peak at the local bookstore, which probably has it in stock. You’ll be amazed at the lists of types of experience that Iinclude in the book.

    Finally, you can add a concluding section on your résumé called “Activities” that can serve the same function if you want to include other types of employment in the “Experience” section.

    In any case, remember that you are not just dropping unrelated life experience into your résumé. That  what also can advice a team of professionals Craft Resumes – certified resume writing service. You are using life experience to document that youhave the underlying (I call them “root”) skills, knowledge, and traits necessary for a particular position.

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