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  • 23:30 | June 22, 2019


    MIDSUMMER 2019

    I’m out at the countryside without any WiFi really! It’s hardly working ❤️ But it’s been so amazing being here just chilling and taking it easy. Me, André, Emil and Toby came here early on midsummer and celebrated it here at my grandpas countryside – and we’ve been here since then! Going home tomorrow and I’ll show you all the pictures from midsummer tomorrow! Love you!

    When we take a look at the history of art we often discover some work of art, artist or period that draws our attention. Sometimes it is simply because we admire the beauty of the work created or the ingenuity of the artist; other times, however, it is because it gives us the sensation that this art does not fit at all in its context and stands out from everything that surrounds it because it has a very different conception. Read about history of Australian art here and you understand everything about different conceptions. This art, seeing it from the present with historical perspective, seems to us ahead of its time and with an air of modernity that does not correspond with its dating. And it is precise because of this that he draws us strongly and we identify with him. Next, we will indicate some of these moments and of these artists that have arisen throughout the history.


    Jag är ute på landet utan helt fungerande wi-fi! De funkar knappt ❤️ Men de har varit så magiskt att bara var här och slappa och njuta. Bag ta de lugnt liksom! Jag, André, Emil och Toby kom hit tidigt midsommarmorgon och firade här på min morfars land och stannat sen dess. Vi åker hem inorgon och då ska ni få alla bilder från midsommar! Love you!

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    • Håper du hadde en kjempefin midsommar :)
      Hvor er generen fra?? :D så utrolig fiin

    • Det hade jag! tack <3<3 den är från Baum and pfergarten <3 gammal dock :( love