22:39 | July 30, 2015




As many of you know – I LOVE FESTIVALS! I’ve been to at least 2-3 festivals a year since 2008.
What I also love is the festival fashion, where you get a chance to wear whatever you like and also express yourself in another way than you usually maybe do. The thing about festival fashion is that you can get away with almost anything – even if it’s in a good way or a bad way!

I love to express myself in very different styles and looks everyday and also for festival, and hopefully in a good way. But this time it’s up to you guys to go loco and over the top!

If you do, you’ll have the chance to win free clothes and a fashion-makeover by me together with ZOEGAs at WAY OUT WEST! I will pick out 5 lucky winners – one new winner every hour amongst those who dare to wear their most distasteful/weird/funny outfit to the festival – so just swing by ZOEGAs Coffee Lounge on the 15th from 14.00-19.00 to hang out with me and get crazy!

After I’ve styled you guys, all you have to do is to take a picture with me to see if I’ve styled you in a way that you love and for the better.
So this is a part of ZOEGAs campaign to bring more tasteful life to anyone behaving in a non-tasteful way. The worse you’ll disguise yourself, the more likely you are to win! Good luck everyone!

Just to show you some inspiration, haha.
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The competition will be held at Way Out West Aug 15th from 14:00-19:00 ( by me Angelica Blick) and Aug 14th from 13:00-18:00 (Fanny Lyckman) in ZOÉGAs Coffee Lounge. And even if you don’t feel like showing off your bad taste, you can show your good taste by just hanging out with me between the same hours and drinking Zoégas coffee!
Check out their film about getting a more tasteful life below!

8:57 | July 28, 2015


_ 1. HERE _ 1.HERE _ 3.HERE _ 4.HERE _ 5. HERE _
_ 6.HERE _ 7.HERE _ 8.HERE _ 9.HERE _ 10.HERE _ 11.HERE _ 12.HERE _


Well, who doesn’t like a classic black bag? I just can’t get enough!
You can find some nice one here that I picked out from Shopbop – in small, medium and big size! Perfect for every moment :)
I need to say that I like nr 3,6 and 9 a big extra. Which ones do you like the most?

/ Ja, vem gillar inte en klassisk svart väska? Jag kan typ inte få nog!
Ovan har jag valt ut några snygga väskor från shopbop – i liten, mellan och stor storlek! Perfekta till alla tillfällen :)
Måste säga att jag gillar nummer 3,6 och 9 lite extra mycket. vilken gillar ni mest?

14:55 | July 7, 2015




Moon Earrings HERE / Red nailpolish HERE / Grey croptop HERE / Sunglasses HERE / Parfume HERE / Ring HERE
Nike sneakers HERE / Jeansjacket HERE / Grey Shorts HERE / Backpack HERE / Red lipstick HERE


Idag hade jag gääääärna sett ut såhär :) kanske kör en liknande variant! Alltså, HUR FINA ÄR INTE ÖRHÄNGENA? Är inte så mycket för örhängen annars, men dessa är satan så fina.
NOTE TO SELF: Köpa mig ett par helvita airmax! Gillar den nya modellen med – Huarache. Vill ha ett par i knallrött, ett i vitt och ett par i svart haha. Men helst av allt helt röda! Vet ni vart de kan finnas? skicka gärna tips!

/ Today I’ve loved to look like this :) I might do a similar look anyway! And, HOW PRETTY ARE THE EARRINGS? I don’t really like earring that much but these ones are awesome.
NOTE TOO SELF: Buy a pair of white airmax! I really like the new model – Huarache. I wanna have a pair in red, a pair in white and a pair in black. But I really want the ones in red the most! Do you know where I can find them? Please tell me!

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10:48 | June 29, 2015






Vi alla har ju alltid ett fåtal saker i väskan som ALLTID är med – eller hur? Jag tar alltid med mig parfym, mina nycklar, handkräm, läppglans, ett par solbrillor, mina hörlurar och tandkräm.
Kör ju ett samarbete som ni vet med Pepsodent White Now Gold, som ger vitare tänder redan efter första borstningen och jag måste faktist säga att jag gillar den nu efter att ha testat den under 2 månader :) Thumbs up!

/ We all have a few things in our bag that are ALWAYS there – right? I always have my perfume, my keys, hand cream, lip gloss, a pair of sunglasses, my headphones and toothpaste.
As you know, I’m doing a collab with Pepsodent White Now Gold, which gives you whiter teeth after just one brushing and I must say that I like it now after having tested it during 2 months :) Thumbs up!

9:58 | June 23, 2015


1. HERE / 2. HERE / 3. HERE / 4. HERE / 5. HERE
6 HERE / 7. HERE / 8. HERE / 9. HERE / 10. HERE / 11. HERE / 12. HERE


Jag lovade er ju att visa upp lite fina bhar! Jag har ju en grej för svarta i spets som är utan kudder eller inlägg – samt med fina eller coola detaljer! Jag är seriöst helt tokkär i nummer 4 – samt 3 & 7 . Vilken är din favorit av dessa?
Dagen i all ära ska jag tillbringa med André! Har styrt upp lite hemligheter till honom.. men fan vilken otur jag haft med allt som jag försökt planera haha! Allt är stängt, fullbokat eller helt kört. Men jag har lyckats tllslut!

/ I promised to show you some nice bra’s! I have a thing for black lace bra’s which is without pillows or stuff – as well as with fine or cool details! I’m completely in love with number 4 – and 3 & 7! Which one is your favorite?
Today it’s all about André! I have steered a day full of fun things with him .. but damn, I’ve had such a bad luck trying to plan this day haha! Everything is closed, fully booked or not possible to do. But I have managed to book some good stuff now!

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