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  • 18:56 | March 15, 2020

    Bali Diary

    At our first villa in Uluwatu
    / Vår första villa i Uluwatu

    Dreamy bedroom I have to say!
    /Drömmigt sovrom eller hur!

    Loved the interior 
    /Älskade inredningen

    Me chilling at the beach by our villa :) Uluwatu was way calmer than Canguu with I liked
    / Jag softandes på stranden :) Uluwatu var mycket lugnare än Canguu vilket jag gillade

    1.The sky was so beautiful many days during our trip! 2. Me wearing Ole henriksen plunge mask – love it! Get it HERE.
    /1.Himlen var så fin många kvällar på Bali! 2. Jag maskar med Ole Hneriksen plunge mask – älskar den! Finns HÄR!

    This place in Canggu was so nice :) The loft!
    /Gillade de här stället i Canguu :) the loft!

    More days in the sun ♥ Wearing a bikini from Lahana, HERE
    / Mera dagar i solen ♥ Bikini från Lahana, HÄR

    It’s always so much fun to have friends all over the world ♥ Met up with these cuties for dinner now of the night!
    / Det är alltid så kul att ha vänner över hela världen ♥ Mötte upp dessa puddingar för middag en kväll!

    1.Me and this cute hat! Bikini from Lahana again :) 2. My babes – Hanna and humlan at the beach!
    /1. Hittade en söt hatt! Bikini från Lahana igen :) 2. mina babes – Hanna och Humlan på stranden!

    Our second home! I have a friend – Rochelle – who lives in Bali!
    So we stayed in their house for a couple of nights when they were gone. Such an amazing place!
    / Vårt andra hem! Jag har en vän – Rochelle – som bor på Bali! Så vi bodde hos dom under ett par dagar! Så fint ställe!

    1.I also found a gym I went to a lot – Bali body factory! Such a good place!! 2. Butter&Hazel bikini & hat – designed by my friend Benthe!!
    /1. Gymmade på ett ställe med – Bali body factory! Så bra ställe!! 2. Bikini och hatt från Butter&Hazel, ett märke av min vän Benthe!!

    Rochelles place – Pool view  from my balcony ♥
    /Rochelles ställe – Poolen från min balkong ♥

    Fooood! So much good food in Bali. Unfortunately it always makes you sick. I got so sick during this trip ( read about it further down in this post). And I don’t know why.. I’ve never had one single friend who haas visited Bali and NOT gotten sick. Have you? Please tell me! How come it’s like that??
    /Maaaaat! Massa god mat! Dock blev jag så sjuk här på resan ( läs om de längre ner). Och jag vet inte varför.. men alla jag känner som varit på Bali blir alltid sjuka. Har inte en enda kompis om inte blivit de. Har ni haft tur där? Snälla berätta! Eller om ni blivit sjuka.

    1.Can’t wait to get these images from this camera! Coming this week!! 2. Benthe, me and hanna ♥
    /1.Längtar tills dess bilder är framkallade! Senare i veckan°! 2. Benhte, jag och Hanna ♥

    Last place in Canggu! This is hours before I got hospitalized and SO SICK. Little did I know….
    / Sista stället i Canggu! Detta är bara någon timma/timmar innan jag blev SÅ SJUK. Little did I know..

    1.Our kitchen! 2. Me chillin’…..
    /1.Vårt kök! 2. Softar sönder…..




    Hiii guys! How are you in the middle of this crazy stuff happening in the world with Corona? I hope all of you are ok ♥ if not: sending you loads of love and get-well wishes and hope that it’s soon over so you can be healthy again. LOVE!

    Well, my Bali vlog is on it’s way so until then I wanted to share some snaps with you :) from my trip. That went from good to a living hell I guess.
    Yeah.. i gotta be honest. I was in Bali like 5 years ago with André and at that time we also got sick but way, way, waaaaaaaay lighter. just like a bit of Bali belly I guys ( the thing that, that is an actual word freaks me out…). And at that time we didn’t find Bali that good… We didn’t fell in love with it. So after that we didn’t go back either.

    Then 2 years after ( like three years ago) my cousin went there for a holiday and got so sick he almost lost his life like two times. He was hospitalized for 3 weeks and he almost died 2 times during that period of time. It all ended up with him removing his entire spleen and needs to go on meds for the rest of his life, visiting the doctor every 6-12 months for check-ups.
    He got salmonella in his spleen and they couldn’t find what was wrong with him. He went to the hospital NUMEROUS times but all they could see was that his sedimentation was over 300 and a fever at 40 degrees.. but they just sent him home since they couldn’t see what was wrong with him. Well, at last they did a scan and just saw this big black hole in his stomach. The salmonella had eaten up his spleen so he was hours from dying.

    with that said I was never encourage to go to Bali again since I also often hear that everyone that goes there get salmonella. But I thought that ” nah that can’t be right – they just have to be very unwary when they eat/do stuff.. I’ll just be extra careful” and went to Bali with my friends.

    It all ended up with me being hospitalized in Bali from gettin Salmonella, amoebas and another infection. perfect. So after that I flew back home and was hospitalized here in Sweden too. And in bed for 10 days after coming home. So yeah, I did have a nightmare of a trip…

    I’m so thankful tho for my friends who helped me so much during this time! THANK YOU ♥
    But with that said: Have you been to Bali and NOT gotten sick? Every person I’ve talked to ALWAYS get sick after been there. Do you know why? How come? Please let me know. BUT BESIDES from getting sick, Bali is a beautiful place with so much nice people. I just don’t undedrstans why people get so sick..?


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    12:11 | October 9, 2019

    Dressed in pink




    HELLO BABES! A quick hello! Today I’m doing a “You-decide-my-day” VLOG!! Haha so far you’ve decided what I had for breakfast and what kind of makeup I should wear – and mooooore coming up! So stay tuned on my insta stories ALL DAY to be a part of it haha! I’m waiting for Emilio to come so we can continue filming this! OKEY – TALK TO YOU LATER! XX


    HEJ BABES! Ett snabbt hej här! Idag filmar jag en “Ni-bestämmer”- vlogg!! Haha hittills har ni bestämt vad jag ska käka till frukost och hur jag ska sminka mig – och meeeeeeer kommer! Så stay tuned på mina insta stories HELA DAGEN så ni får va med och bestämma! nu kommer snart Emilio hit så ska vi fortsätta! OKEY – VI HÖRS SEN! XX

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    18:27 | July 10, 2019

    Purple rain

    -Not a paid post – I just attended their event

    My look for the day :) find links to it lower down!
    /Min look för dagen :) länkar till plaggen finns längre ner!

    Aperoll! They look so pretty but I’ve never had a good one actually haha..
    /Aperoll! Dom är alltid så fina men tycker inte dom smakar så gott haha..

    Molly and Andreas ♥
    /Molly och Andreas ♥

    Me and Viktoria looking at our friends making hairbands
    /Jag och Viktoria kikar på när några vänner gör hårband

    1.Some of the crew! Sessan always being so serious.. hahahah 2. Cutie Lisa!!
    /1.Några av crewet! Sessan ska alltid vara så seriös hahaha… 2. Fina Lisa!!

    We checked out some of their new stuff coming soon!
    /Vi fick kika in deras nyheter som snart kommer!

    Me chillin’ ..
    /Jag softar….

    My princess! Love this one ♥
    /Min prinsessa! Älskar henne ♥

    Cool shades! Maybe not with the outfit I wore hahaha..
    /Coola shades! Kanske inte helt 100 med outfiten jag bar dock..

    Some of the goodies!
    /Lite av nyheterna!


    So I went to an ASOS event some time ago and checked their new stuff coming in soon :) I LOVE ASOS – so ofc I was there! I’m very picky with going to events but this one I had to attend. So much fun meeting my friends too ♥ Molly Hammar performed as well – man… that woman can sing!! Love her.
    Anyway it was a very cosy event even tho the rain was pouring down. Now I’ve just finished going though all the pictures from Portofino with Clara from out shoot for Safira!! WAH CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU!


    Jag var på ett fint ASOS event för ett tag sedan och kikade in deras nyheter som kommer in snart :) JAG ÄLSKAR JU ASOS – så självklart var jag där! Jag är rätt picky med vilka event jag går på så.. men detta kändes helt rätt. Kul att träffa alla vänner med ♥ Molly Hammar uppträdde dessutom – fan.. hon är så duktig!! Älskar henne. Men men det var iaf ett superfint event trots att regnet öste ner. Nu har jag precis kollat igenom alla bilder från Portofino med Clara och hittat alla bilder vi ska använda till Safira!!! WAH LÄNGTAR SÅ ATT FÅ VISA MER!

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    12:40 | February 16, 2017





    We are atm at Koh Samui airport waiting for our flight to take us to Bangkok for our last night in Thailand! We got to the airport pretty early and we aren’t going home to Sweden until tomorrow morning, so they asked us if we could fly later today so two other people can take our seats cause they had a connecting flight – which was totally fine with us :) So we are sitting here, watching a movie and eating popcorn! Our flight is a bit delayed but I think we’ll be boarding soon!


    Vi sitter just nu på Koh Samuis flygplats och väntar på vårt flyg som ska to oss till Bangkok för vår sista kväll i Thailand! Vi kom till flygplatsen ganska tidigt och vi ska ju inte hem till Sverige förens imorgon, så de frågade oss om vi kunde tänka oss att flyga senare så två andra kunde ta våra platser på flyget eftersom dom hade en connecting flight i Bangkok – och det var ju såklart lugnt :) Så nu sitter vi här och kollar film och äter popcorn och väntar på att få boarda. Vårt flyg är lite försenat men tror vi ska få hoppa på snart!

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    15:49 | February 5, 2017





    So this post was supposed to come up this morning but then WordPress got hacked as some of my noticed so this post was lost and another post -not written by me or any other blogger – came up here among 7000 other bloggers blogs. Well the problem seem to be fixed now so now I can show you what I really posted :) We took these pictures when we went Island hopping the other day – here at Daku Island! I’m on love with this bikini – it’s just perfect! ATM I’m sitting here editing pictures so I can post 1 more post today if the wifi let me haha. LOVE!


    Så den här posten skulle alltså egentligen kommit upp imorse innan WordPress blev hackat som vissa av er kanske märkte här på bloggen – Så det kom upp nått helt annat tsället än just detta inlägg. Så jag tillsammans med ca 7000 andra bloggare fick det publicerat på sina bloggar. Men nu verkar problemet vara löst så nu kan jag äntligen visa er vad jag själv hade postat :) Vi tog dessa under en dag när vi åkte på Island hopping och just här var vi på Daku island! Är typ kär i denna bikini – den är perfekt! Just nu sitter jag här och förösker redigera lite bilder och håller tummarna att wifit tillåter mig att uppdatera en gång till idag haha. LOVE!

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