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  • 19:01 | February 14, 2019

    My valentine



    Happy V-DAY babes! I’m currently on my way to André but we won’t see each other until the day after valentines day. But who really cares about valentines? I mean – we should celebrate love everyday and not just between two people inlove. But the love for ourselves, our families, friends, animals and so on. I hop you all have an epic day no matter what! And remember that I love all of you peeking in here ♥


    Glad alla hjärtans dag babes! Jag är påväg att få fira med André men de blir inte förens dagen efter alla hjärtans dag. Men vem bryr sig egentligen om den dagen? Jag menar, vi borde fira kärlekens dag varje dag och inte bara mellan två människor som utger sig som ett “par” utan för kärleken för oss själva, för våra familjer, vänner, djur oss. Jag hoppas att ni oavsett har en magisk dag! Och jag vill även passa på att säga att jag älskar alla er som kikar in här ♥

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    12:56 | January 31, 2019

    The Bahamas

    pig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamaspig island Bahamas




    A collection of snaps from The Bahamas ♥ This place has a big place in my heart. Like I said in my earlier post: I went here a couple of years ago and always dreamt about going back. So when I got a big campaign in The Dominican Republic I decided to take this opportunity to go back here since it’s pretty close. And I’m so happy I did! I’m in love with this place. I’m also so happy I got to experience this dreamy place once again!

    Anyway: Many have asked me were in The Bahamas we went and we stayed at Staniel Cay just like last time and that is my favorite Island :) It’s close to all the beautiful small sand dunes, beaches and the water ( as you can see ) is soooo crystal clear. I had the best time ever there ♥


    En samling av bilder från Bahamas ♥ Det här stället har en stor plats i hjärtat. Som jag skrev innan: Jag var här för några år sen och har drömt om att åka tillbaka. Så när jag fick ett stort kampanjjobb i Dominikanska Republiken så tog jag tillfället i akt att åka tillbaka eftersom de är så nära. Och jag är glad att jag gjorde det! Älskar det här stället. Jag är så glad att jag fick göra detta igen!

    Men men: Många frågade mig vart vi var och vi var som sagt på Staniel Cay precis som förra gången jag var här och jag älskar det stället :) De ä nära till alla små sanddynor, stränder och vattnet ( som ni kan se..) är så kristallklart blått. Jag hade en magisk tid ♥

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    21:34 | January 22, 2019

    Energy level: 0

    Hey babes! Just wanted to check in here and let you all know that my blog hasn’t been working lately (again) and this is just a bit tirening. I came home the other day and had like 36 hours with my BF before he went to Thailand and we wanted to hang out together before he left as well so that’s why my blog has been empty. I’ve just been feeling a bit down and I don’t really know why so yeah, that’s all. I’m back with all the energy tomorrow ♥ I’m sorry.


    Hej babes! Ville bara skriva här att min blogg inte funkat och strulat igen de senaste dagarna ( igen) och ja det börjar bli tröttsamt. Jag kom dessutom hem häromdagen och hade bara 36 timmar att umgås med min kille innan han drog till Thailand så vi ville bara umgås och mysa massor innan han drog. Så det är därför bloggen stått tom. Jag har känt mig rätt nere dessa dagar och jag vet faktist inte varför. Jag är tillbaka imorgon med mer energi ♥

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    15:14 | January 11, 2019

    NYE look




    Just wanted to show my look for New Years :) I didn’t get a full look picture but at least I got this! So, it’s the last full day in the Dominican Republic cause tomorrow I’m flying off to The Bahamas! SO EXCITED!! It’s been such busy days here it’s been crazy. I wake up at 05 in the morning and from then to 10 in the night it’s full on schedule so sorry for being a bit off. How are you? It’s Friday and the weekend is coming :) WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS?


    Ville bara visa er min look för Nyår :) Fick inte till en hel-look men detta iaf! Så, det är vår sista hela dag i Dominikanske Republiken eftersom jag flyger vidare till Bahamas imorgon! SÅ PEPP!! Det har varit fullt ös här sen vi kom så ledsen för att jag varit lite off. Jag vaknar runt 05 på morgonen och sen är det schema tills 10 på kvällen. Hur mår ni? Det är ju Fredag och dags för helg:) VAD ÄR ERA PLANER?

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    12:17 | January 11, 2019

    A Guide to Sports Betting – How to Win Your Wager

    Sports betting is actually quite simple. You do the work before the game. You study the teams or the players. You review the history of the team. You check the trends and all the factors that could possibly affect the outcome of a game. Once you have considered all these things, you can then decide where to place your bets. The work is done. You can then enjoy the game. This is different from other kinds of gambling where you would be required to strategize and think while the game is going on. Unlike other forms of gambling, sports betting do not require you to participate in the actual game itself. This is why it’s a rather simple form of betting.
    However, to win your bet, you need to know how to place your bet, with whom to place your wager and for whom to place them. The first thing that you need to know when you are betting in sporting event is that you could lose. The actual game is beyond your control. A good team could have its major player injured during the game and this could completely change the course of the game and its outcome. However, you should know how to accept your losses. You cannot recover them by placing more wagers when you are on a losing streak. This is especially applicable if you are betting on racing events like horse racing or hound racing.
    When placing wagers though, you should know what you want. You cannot go about it with a wavering disposition. In the first place, you should have carefully studied the event and have predicted possible outcomes. You should have also taken into consideration factors that could possibly affect the outcome of the game. Make your wagers and stay with them, but when you lose, do not attempt to recover them. Stay within your limits and never lose your cool. You could always win next time. This is why it is advisable that you should split your money on various wagers. Do not place them all in one stake because you could then lose them all in one game.
    It can never be overemphasized that you need to carefully consider your options before you make that wager. In fact, you should regard sports betting as if it was your business or your source of living. There are actually people who do regard their wagers as an investment. These people actually do sports betting for a living. This is why you would often find them memorizing game rules, acquainting themselves with various teams and player, knowing player trade offs, and learning everything then can about any event and all the factors that could possibly affect the outcome of the game.
    In truth, if you really want to win at sports betting, you need to place intelligent wagers. There are so many types of betting, for example CSGO matches – CS game betting can lead you to success. Once you have, you can then get on to enjoying the game and rooting for your team.

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