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  • 17:54 | November 16, 2017

    Waiting for sunshine on a rainy day




    Gah, such a long but fun day today! As I said yesterday we woke up at 05.30 to meet up the rest at 06 in the morning to go to “Buddah Run”. Damn it was so damn heavy the first 10 minutes haha but after I while it went smoothly :) Snaped photos of it that I’ll share with you tomorrow. I’m so happy to be using my camera again now haha. The pictures turns out soooo much better, don’t you agree? Well after that we’ve just spent the day in the sun, done some Muay thai workout, had dinner and now me and André are laying in bed listening to the pouring rain and the thunder. It’s a bit cozy but also scary haha. LOVE! Xx


    Gah, så lång men rolig dag! Som jag skrev förut så vaknade vi vid 05.30 och mötte upp resten vid 06.00 på morgonen för att köra “Buddah Run”. Jäklar vad jobbigt de var de första 10 minuterna haha men efter ett tag gick det finfint :) Tog en del foton som ni ska få se imorgon. Jag är så gad att jag fotar med min bättre kamera nu med de blir så mycket finare bilder haha. Håller ni inte med? Aja efter vandringen så spenderade vi dagen  i solen, körde Muay Thai träning och käkade middag. Nu ligger jag och André i sängen och lyssnar på hur regnet öser ner och åskan som mullrar. Mysigt men samtidigt lite läskigt haha. KÄRLEK! Xx

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    10:10 | November 16, 2017


    Kamoo – sweetest dog ever. Liked to be scratched under his neck. He have been hit by a car and have problems
    walking on his back legs.


    Seven – Giving this little super cute fellah a bath! Seven hasn’t got the right muscles in his throat to keep
    the food he eats. So when giving him food you need to hold his front paws in the lap to keep the food in the stomach. Cutest dog ever with the
    kindest eyes you’ll ever see!! He was found outside of 7/11 and that’s why his name is Seven


    Puppy – Can’t remember the name of this little fellah! He is at the shelter running around with his brothers
    and sisters! Such a player haha!

    1.Coconut – The kindest, cuddliest sweetheart ever. He loves to just cuddle and relax. He is atm feeling good and are up walking on his
    paws. Such a sweetheart!
    2.S̄wyngām ” Suay” – This is my little love. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She is very shy at first but then she loves to cuddle. 
    She has lost her fur on many places after being allergic to chicken and eating it anyway on the streets because lack of food. she is slowly getting
    her fur back now and she is just the cutest ever. 


    Lemmy – Lemmy passed away just two days ago :( I’ve been so sad and cried several times. Lemmy’s back legs weren’t functioning after being hit by a car and left to die on the street. RIP beautiful soul.


    Nala – Nala is just the most beautiful little creature. She has distemper in her brain which makes her “shake” and not being able
    to walk or stand normal. She can walk/stand but are always loosing balance. We hope she will recover for the disease so she can be up an running soon!


    Kamoo – Kamoo again! Here he is with his “wheelchair” that helps him walk.
    This is something they need more of – “wheelchairs”. T
    hey make it possible for more dogs to be able to walk when their legs arent’ functioning as good as they should.
    He was so happy here!


    Coconut – last but not least, Coconut again! coziest dog ever!



    I just wanted to show you some of the snpshots I took of some of the dogs at the foster care. The cutest, most adorable dogs I’ve ever met ( including those who aren’t in the pictures ofc ). The foster care are where the sick, rescued dogs are and the shelter is where the healthy, rescued dogs are. We always started our mornings with working at the foster care until lunch followed by working at the shelter until 5 pm. All the dogs are just.. they are the kindest! Some of you have asked me about adoption and yes, all the dogs are for adoption ( Please tell everyone! These lovley creatures all need a warm and loving home) – they just need to be healty and strong enough before being adopted ♡ I fell in love with so many dogs Would you like to so more pictures of these wonderful dogs and others? Xx

    PS. You can donate charity for this organisation HERE. Please do!


    Jag ville bara visa er lite bilder på några av de fina vovvarna från fosterhemmet. De finaste, mest underbara vovvarna jag träffat ( inkluderat dom som ej är med på bilderna såklart ). I fosterhemmet är de sjuka, räddade vovvarna och i sheltret är de friska, räddade vovvarna. Vi började varje morgon med att jobba på fosterhemmet fram tills lunch innan vi fortsatte på sheltret till 17.00. Alla hudnarna är bara såå.. fina! Vissa av er har frågat kring adoption och ja, alla hundar finns till adoption ( Sprid gärna ordet – alla dessa fantastiska vovvar behöver ett kärleksfullt och varmt hem!) – de behöver bara vara friska och starka nog innan♡ Jag blev kär i allihop! Vill ni se mer bilder på vovvarna ? Xx

    PS. Man kan donera en slant till orginisationen HÄR.
    Eller swisha valfri summa till 1235871066 . Snälla gör de!

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    19:51 | November 15, 2017

    Guess who?




    Just like I wrote on IG – feeling a bit like a cute little chicken!
    I just wanted to say goodnight and that I’ll speak to you tomorrow again. LOVE!


    Precis som jag skrev på IG – känner mig som en lite söt kyckling här!
    Ville bara säga godnatt och att vi hörs imorgon igen . Kärlek!

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    15:54 | November 15, 2017


    titan fitness camptitan fitness camptitan fitness camptitan fitness camptitan fitness camptitan fitness camptitan fitness camptitan fitness camp




    Started our morning here like usual – with a major workout! We do 2 workouts a day ( !! ) starting off with a circuit /crossfit-like workout at the Titan Fitness camp followed later on by a 2 hour Muay Thai workout. YAS! My entire body is so sore!! But in a good way ofc. Tomorrow we are heading up to do a hike early in the morning called the “Buddah Run” .. it’s not a run but you hike for 1 hour up to a gigantic Buddah and then down again. I think it will be beautiful! Well our days here look almost the same – wake up, workout, eat breakfast, sunbath /tan, eat lunch, workout and then shower and eat dinner haha. I like it!


    Började vår morgon som vanligt – med en megaträning! Vi kör 2 träningspass om dagen (!!) som börjar med cirkelträning /crossfit-liknande träning på Titan Fitness camp följt av 2 timmars Muay Thai senare på dagen. YAS! Hela min kropp är helt öm!! Men på ett bra sätt dvs. Imorgon ska vi upp tidigt för att hikea upp till en Buddah som heter “Budday Run”.. man springer inte men man hikear 1 timma uppåt och sen 1 timma neråt. Jag tror utsikten kommer vara magisk! Ja, våra dagar ser mer eller mindre likadana ut här – man vaknar, tränar, äter frulle, solar, äter lunch, tränar igen, duschar och sen middag haha. Jag gillart!

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    15:38 | November 13, 2017


    H&M BIKBOK CHANEL free people




    I always love to go back in the archive and look at all the details :) I hope you like it too! Well, today has been very un-productive. I’ve just strolled around in Phuket, filmed a bit for my vlog and then just taken it easy. I cross my fingers so much that I’m going to be able to workout tomorrow! Cross your fingers too, ok? Anyway.. I havem’t really been taking any photos on this trip so far since we’ve only been working and I’ve had my full focus on helping out at the dog shelter rather then running around taking photos/filming. But tomorrow I’m bringing my camera with me again :) YEY! So now you won’t have to see only throwbacks haha. Longing for Koh Lak aswell.. dreaming of taking awesome photos haha.


    Jag älskar att kika tillbaka i arkivet och kolla på detaljer såhär :) Hoppas ni gör de med! Ja, idag har jag varit väldigt oproduktiv. Jag har mest strosat runt i Phuket, filmat till vloggen lite och tagit de lugnt. Jag håller fingarna för att jag kan träna imorgon. Kan inte ni hålla tummarna för de med? Men men, har inte fotat så värst på den här resan hitills eftersom vi mestadels bara jobbat och då har jag velat lägga mitt fulla fokus på att jobba med hundarna än att springa runt och fota. Men imorgon får kameran följa med igen :) YEY! Längtar till Koh lak med..ärr så pepp på att ta fina bilder nu haha!

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